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Welcome to HLF – The Norwegian association for the hard of hearing. On this page you will find “first aid” for hearing aids. There are different languages in alphabetical order in the download list.

HLF is the largest hearing organization in the world with 66.000 members. We are constantly working to make everyday life easier for the hearing impaired.

HLF's peers provide help and support to anyone who needs it. 
We provide and share experience through conversation, support and
advice in relation to hearing impairment or another hearing disorder.
Being a hearing impaired can be a lonely experience. In such a situation it can
be good to talk to a peer. One that has been, and still is, in the “same
boat” One who have learned to master the every day problems with their hearing disorder.

On your right hand side you will find a “button” for other languages and one for a pictogram.  Click on the language you prefer in the download list.

Short link to this page: www.hlf.no/fremmedsprakinfo

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